Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beeswax Ornaments: Honey on the Tree

For a couple of days it seemed the crafts-only crock pot was always hot, keeping beeswax melty, spreading that honey scent throughout the entire house, while we all took our turns (many turns!) making beeswax ornaments for our Christmas tree, and the trees of our family and friends.

So simple, so satisfying, so sweet(!) to make:

To make your own, check out my beeswax and fabric scrap ornament tutorial over at Crafting a Green World.


Margie S. said...

These are adorable! My kiddo is only two and a half, so the pouring is a little tricky for her to do, and I'm wondering if there's a decoration aspect we could add that she could do. Does anything come to mind? If we added beads in or similar after that layer do you think it might make the ornament too weak? Thanks for the fun craft!

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julie said...

I bet that your kiddo could put beads into the mold first--then, when she's happy with it, you could pour beeswax on top. I'm thinking that if you did the beads last, it would be tricky to find a happy medium between the beeswax being too liquid, and the beads just sinking into the middle, and the beeswax being too solid, making the beads too hard to insert.