Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Candy Christmas Trees

We're doing gingerbread houses just as a family this year, so in lieu of last year's larger gingerbread house party (which was well worth it, as everyone had a fabulous time, but did require me to pre-bake and assemble a half-dozen gingerbread houses), this year the girls had over a little buddy and his mama (my buddy) to make far simpler candy Christmas trees.

The Christmas trees really are quite simple, requiring only waffle cones that Willow trimmed with kitchen scissors to sit evenly upside down, green frosting (I used white chocolate melted in our fondue pot and dyed green, similarly to what I do with gingerbread houses, but I quickly realized when the kids all got to work that this was major overkill), and loads of yummies.

They were messy--

--a little ugly (and yes, of course, that's mine below that I'm calling ugly)--

--and absolutely wonderful.

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