Sunday, April 5, 2020

All the Easter Crafts!

Easter is a good holiday for baking and crafting. Nobody but the Easter Bunny has to worry about presents, so there's no shopping or making, nobody is coming over, so there's no cleaning or decorating, and it's not one of our feast days, so there's no huge amount of cooking--give me white yeast rolls, a ham, and some chocolate bunny to gnaw, and I'm good for Easter!

So Easter, for us, is a super fun time of baking ridiculous treats and decorating endless eggs. I don't know what about that we all find so entertaining, but year after year, there it is--endless eggs! There's always something new to do with just one more dang egg!

Here, then, is the master list of my Easter tutorials. I loved compiling this list, because it took me back for years of Easters past, years of little faces focused in concentration as they do one more weird thing to one more endless egg, years of little feet stomping around and little hands picking Easter eggs out of their hiding places. Feel free to reminisce with me:

felted wool Easter eggs. We did these way back when I was into felting with the kids. It's been years since I've felted wool, but it's just now occurred to me that I bet Syd would LOVE needle felting...

chalkboard Easter eggs. This is our most recent Easter project, and Syd has been playing with it daily.

blown-out Easter eggs. The process is kind of gross, but I love that you can then keep the finished and decorated egg forever. They're delicate, but they won't rot.

woodburned and stained Easter eggs. As much as I cherish the memory of the cute little projects that my little babies got up to, I really enjoy making these more sophisticated crafts with them. Woodburned Easter eggs look really cool!

stained wooden Easter eggs. This is my go-to liquid watercolor staining method. It's brilliant, and looks awesome.

papier mache Easter eggs. If you're not into plastic Easter eggs, you have GOT to make these. You can hinge them so that they still open for treats!

tissue paper decoupaged Easter eggs. These can be kind of fiddly, but we use pre-cut squares of tissue paper, and that makes it a lot easier.

tie-dyed Easter eggs. This is a weird little activity for when you're tired of just dunking your eggs to dye them.

homemade natural Easter egg dye experiment. This was so fun, and a great excuse to drag everything out of the spice cabinet!

cascarones. We made these last year as Spawn Eggs for Syd's Minecraft-themed birthday party, but they're traditionally an Easter craft.

egg dye volcanoes. After you finish dyeing eggs, pour more vinegar into the dye bath, spread a layer of baking soda onto a cookie sheet, and let the kids go! I still remember how joyfully Syd played with this.

how to dye brown eggs. Because we've got LOTS of brown eggs!

Easter egg dye paint. Here's another fun thing thing that you can do with your leftover Easter egg dye.

miniature watermelon eggs. We actually made these for a dinosaur-themed birthday party, but they'd make super cute Easter eggs for an egg hunt.

Pysanky eggs. This is probably the most involved Easter project that we've done, but it was also the best-looking, and so fun!

embroidered felt Easter egg. These are a good replacement for plastic eggs, since they contain a secret pocket for treats!

glittered and embossed Easter egg. I LOVE how sparkly these eggs become!

I didn't realize how many projects I had until I was almost finished--apparently we really do try a couple of brand-new Easter crafts every year!

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