Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easy Dyed Wooden Easter Eggs

Syd and I fell out of the mood for Easter crafting early this season. We didn't even make the toilet paper tube Resurrection scene that I had SUPER wanted to make, if only for Matt's absolute "WTF?!?" look when I showed him the project.

Ah, well... I never did score an empty tissue box for Jesus' tomb, anyway.

But last week on Good Friday (we should at least have done the toilet paper tube Jesus on the cross! Shoot!), while Will spent the whole entire solid afternoon at the library, Syd did finally put down her horse and Barbie fashion design work for long enough that we could make one last Easter craft that we'd been wanting to do, and fortunately it was a super quick and easy one.

You will need wooden eggs, liquid watercolors, and small Ziplock bags.

Just as we do to dye other unfinished wooden objects, Syd popped a wooden egg into a Ziplock bag, added in a couple of squirts of color--

--and massaged the color into the egg, all safe and tidy inside the bag: 

As she always does with color mixing, Syd had a ball with this project. She experimented with design and color, ending up, of course, with lots of brown-that-we're-choosing-to-call-golden eggs:

For extra shine, you could rub some homemade beeswax wood polish into them, but we usually like them just fine just the way they are (well, those "golden" ones might get redecorated next year...). 

The egg hunt was EPIC this year--52 eggs hidden for these two kids!

So there was an epic egg hunt, the Easter bunny brought us candy and books, and Matt baked lamb for dinner.

Festive enough, I'd say, even without TP Jesus...

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Tina said...

Those look fun!

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. Hey, it has the Easter Bunny in it!

julie said...

Has Emma been able to watch scary movies for a while now? Syd's always been able to watch anything, but this experience is still so new for Will. I remember taking her to watch Despicable Me at the drive-in when she was a pretty big girl, and having to walk her around the lot for the entire movie while she threw a fit like a toddler.

Tina said...

Well, I didn't really think Despicable Me was scary and I think Emma saw that in the drive in as well! She was...6? Maybe 5? She laughed so hard she had all the adults laughing.

She's also been watching Scooby-Doo and X-Men on Netflix for the last 3 years or so. And we listen to/read a lot of scary-ish books. However, we don't listen to or watch anything scary too close to bedtime or she has nightmares.

julie said...

Yeah, for a while Will made Family Movie Night a hell because basically *anything* fictional was too scary for her. At some point the main characters are unhappy or in peril in EVERY MOVIE!!! We watched only documentaries as a family for a long, long, loooooong time.

Tina said...

That's a little funny because we sometimes think Documentaries are scary because they are real!

melanie said...

Julie! The resurrection project used a brad! Don't you have a few of those around that you need to find uses for? ;)

julie said...

GASP, you're right!!! Toilet paper roll Jesus for 98 of my friends!!!

Natalie PlanetSmartyPants said...

Wow, you had a fun Easter. Thanks for sharing your project with After School Link Up!


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