Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The DIY Felt Peeps Bunnies in the Kids' Easter Baskets


Does the Easter Bunny like to put something homemade in your kids' Easter baskets? 

In my house, sometimes the Easter Bunny does not, because the Easter Bunny is busy. Sometimes, however, the Easter Bunny makes a pair of comfy shorts, or a hooded towel, or a cupcake pincushion. This year, the Easter Bunny is thinking about zippered pencil cases.

Last year, however, the Easter Bunny quite outdid herself, if I do say so myself!

I normally don't love hand-sewing, but I've found myself doing a lot more of it over the past year, as I've wanted to make things that require it. I finally mastered the ladder stitch--actually, I mastered that ALSO for Easter crafts!--and my desire to make stuffed Peeps Bunnies for the kids, and my firm belief that they would only look as cute as possible when made from felt and embroidery floss, is what led me to finally mastering the blanket stitch.

I didn't want to master the French knot on top of that, so first I tried button eyes and a nose:

That was a big nope!

I never did actually master the actual French knot, but I somehow muddled something that results in a similar cuteness level:

Here's the template that I used for my felt Peeps Bunnies. To make the stuffie, cut out two bunnies, then a super long 2" wide strip of felt. You could, of course, figure out the exact length you need by measuring the perimeter of your bunny, but it also works to simply start sewing it on and cut it off when you're back to your starting place. 

Embroider on the bunny's eyes and nose, and use a complementary color of embroidery floss to blanket stitch everything together. Stuff the bunny full of cotton, then finish blanket stitching it closed.

Your felt Peeps Bunny is best introduced in an Easter basket chock-full of candy and little presents, and afterwards in a teenager's bedroom, perched on a nightstand next to her bed, looking adorable and always up for a cuddle.

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