Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pumpkinbear on Pinterest

Do you pin?

Oh, my goodness, do I pin!

I have my own little Pumpkinbear Pinterest land right here:
Follow Me on Pinterest

On it you can see my seemingly millions of boards, all neurotically categorized.

I have board for projects organized by theme:

I have holiday boards, with projects and recipes and crafts and homeschool unit studies:


I have recipe boards, some for recipes that I want to make--

--and some for recipes that I make all the time:

I have boards for projects that are imminent to-dos:


 I have homeschool boards:

I have idea boards:


 I have boards for projects organized by material:


And those aren't even ALL my boards.

Also, because I'm a big nerd with a library science degree, I curate my boards, which means that I go through them, perfect the links, cross-reference them to relevant boards, and edit the commentary to be descriptive, accurate, and informative.

I can't believe how useful Pinterest has been for me. I use it to brainstorm for homeschool activities within the girls' areas of interest, and for holiday projects and kid crafts. I try new recipes from Pinterest (I've got these cranberry sauce meatballs in the crock pot right now!), and if I like them, then I move them to my Favorite Family Foods pinboard so that I can find them again easily.

Didn't people used to use file cabinets for stuff like that? Geez, wasn't that a fire hazard?


Kimberly said...

I thought I had a ton of boards...until I friended you. You, my friend, out 'board' me by a TON! LOL!

Tina said...

I have been happily repinning your pins for a while now. I attempted to go through and organize everything, but I just kept getting duplicate items in different boards, which annoyed me, so I took a break. Eventual I will give it another try. I love pinterest. Until I get sucked into ogling for an extended period of time. Which happens just about every time. Off to browse your boards!