Monday, May 3, 2021

Unseasonable Craft Alert: I Sewed Next Year's Easter Presents Because Reasons


The reason being that I figured out exactly what I SUPER wanted to sew for my baby niece for Easter far too close to Easter to actually sew it, but I was so excited about it that I didn't want to set the idea aside for the ten months that it would take me to be bored of it when I remembered it again and not want to do it.

Because you might as well sew what you're excited to sew when you're excited to sew it!

Even if it will sit in your closet for the next ten months until you can mail it off to your niece at a seasonally appropriate time.

I'm especially excited about this fabric Easter basket, because I made it from the vintage quilt top that I have had in my stash for... a decade, perhaps? Shamefully, I don't even remember where I got it! Either someone once upon a time gave me their old quilt top, or I scored it from some upcycling center or freecycling meet-up, but ever since then, it has sat in the back of my fabric stash. I'd notice it when I was digging for something specific, and feel kind of guilty because surely there is SOME cool thing I could be making from someone's vintage charm quilt top!

Turns out that the cool thing? Is Easter baskets.

The Easter eggs took a lot of fiddling to get right, and I learned a lot about fabric grain and stretch as I did so. Say yay to the self-taught sewer figuring shit out on her own!

I finally decided that I prefer canvas to quilting cotton, both for the interesting texture and because I think the Easter eggs hold their shape better (I'm using pre-printed fabric, but you could also sew these in plain canvas and then decorate them with paint and markers!). When I make another set, though, I think I'm going to also experiment with interfacing to make the eggs even more absolutely perfect than they already are:

As usual, I had some buddies helping me out with these photographs. We are all loving the newly sunny and warm days!

If you want a set of your very own, I've now got a listing for these Easter egg softies and their vintage quilt basket up in my Pumpkin+Bear shop on etsy:

I'll make you your own set, though, because this particular set has one particular kid's name already on it, and it's going to spend the next ten months in my closet waiting for the perfect time for me to give it to her!

P.S. Want some other Easter crafts and projects that you can do, seasonably appropriate or not? Here's my massive list of all my favorite Easter craft tutorials.

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