Monday, March 1, 2021

Some New Festive Pegasus Festival Flags

 I've been thinking spring lately! 

I've been thinking about gardening, and sitting outside with Matt drinking cocktails and working crossword puzzles. Hanging out on a quilt, reading and eating snacks. Minding my own business inside while the kids have actual human friends over outside, keeping their distance and keeping their masks on.

Maybe even backpack camping, just my family and our dog way out in the woods, far away from all the fretful things!

Thinking about gardening and camping got me in the mood to sew cute things for gardening and camping. A little earlier, I'd also gone down a random rabbit trail of looking at festival flags online (I miss going to concerts!), so there I found myself, making miniature festival flags that will be easy to mount in my garden, on the kids' treehouse, or to mark my tent stakes. 

Fortunately, since it's pouring outside today, they also look particularly nice popped into a painted soda bottle!

Since I have plenty of this fabric, I've got a few of these pennant flags listed in my Pumpkin+Bear shop. I think it would be really fun to do a whole set of mythological beasts, fitting right in with my current Rick Riordan-inspired mythology obsession.

If I ever do it, I'll post it on my Craft Knife Facebook page!

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