Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tent Tidy from Fat Quarter Quick Makes

 Here's another thing I've sewn for spring camping!

I used this book for the project--

--although I stopped referring to it after getting the measurements, which is why the hanging loop isn't centered (frankly, I'm lucky that it's as close to center as it is, because for no earthly reason that I can determine it didn't even OCCUR to me to attempt to center it!). 

I did, however, also sew interfacing into both the body and all the pockets of the hanging organizer, something that the tutorial didn't call for, and I'm really pleased with how much structure the interfacing gives the finished product:

I think this tent tidy IS actually going to be very useful for tent camping. I am forever not remembering where I've put my car keys, my pocket knife, and my phone, and losing my lip balm, and every morning I wake up dreading that perhaps I've rolled over onto my glasses and crushed them, and look! This organizer has exactly the right number of pockets for all those things!

My poor children are also still sleeping in their same IKEA bunkbeds of a decade ago, however, and absent the nightstands that better-maintained children all own, Syd requested a hanging wall organizer for herself. She also requested a room of her own, which... it could happen, but definitely not while Matt is busy doing graphic designs and Zoom meetings all day in the playroom.

A hanging wall organizer in the fabrics of her choosing, though? THAT is something I can make happen!

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