Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Made My Kids Halloween Pillowcases

Holiday pillowcases are my new thing. They use up a ton of stash in a flash, AND since they're holiday-specific, they use up those weird holiday prints that you bought for, like, one project and now they're all just sitting there because where on earth are you otherwise going to use orange quilting cotton with candy corn printed all over it?

In a pillowcase, of course!!!

I panic-sewed these Halloween pillowcases the day of trick-or-treating, because I had the dream of the kids using them as their trick-or-treat bags instead of plastic Jack-o-lantern buckets. Before Wal-mart started making cheap plastic buckets a thing, kids actually would use pillowcases, and I think the nostalgia behind the look is sweet.

The kids didn't love my idea, because their vision is a giant trick-or-treat bag with handles for easy carrying, but whatever. When they sew their own bags (Ha!), they can put handles on them.

Until then, they have these bags!

The kids had to dump the candy out before I could take photos.

Here's Luna, acting like she's guarding the candy, but really she's hoping that we'll leave her attended with it.

On Halloween night, Will left her bag of candy within Luna's reach. The next morning, of COURSE we woke up to an empty bag and too few wrappers. We figured out that there wasn't enough chocolate in her bag to have poisoned Luna, but still, three days later I had to dose that dog with coconut oil and psyllium husk powder before she pooped.

Rotten dog.

I used the burrito pillowcase method, which is by far my favorite method of making pillowcases. You could probably even ditch that narrow piece of trim, for a super simple pillowcase that kids should have an easy time sewing:

I still have some Halloween fabric left (seriously, why do I have so much Halloween fabric?), but if I made Halloween pillowcases for me and Matt, that would just about use it up.

And you know what? I have Christmas fabric around somewhere... 

*wanders off to go make Christmas pillowcases instead of lunch for her children*

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