Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rainbow Beeswax Stacked Heart

New in my pumpkin+bear etsy shop, a stacked heart in rainbow colors:

Stacked, they make a sturdier decoration in our nature basket, but to us, they're far more entrancing separated. They girls want to make them into Valentines, but they're actually a little too difficult for them to punch out by themselves, and I am NOT going to be the one to punch out a beeswax heart for every kid at the Valentine's Day party (I'm thinking of handing them a sheet of beeswax, a sharp pencil, and an x-acto knife for freehand heart-making, so I'll let you know how that goes, with full disclosure of Band-aids used), but I will punch out a few sets for family use, and I'm already really excited about the future bunting that will be. 


Tina said...

I love the new banner or whatever the thing at the top of the blog is called. I really need to hurry up and use my beeswax sheets. Seeing as we can't burn candles in our apartment, something like this might be a good use for them. I've also had plans to try out encaustic, and I bet the beeswax sheets would work nicely for that as well.

julie said...

Bummer that you can't burn candles! I think cut-outs would be a good use, then--buntings and Valentines and nature table pretties!