Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Guitar Picks and Body Glitter

Yes, the girls are deep into makeup play again. Syd and I are immersed in Trashion/Refashion Show design right now, which is probably what inspired it, but nonetheless, the weekend found us at the drugstore, picking out brand-new batches of eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.

The girls still don't associate makeup with conventional gender norms (I don't wear makeup, and for the fashion show, both men and women applied it and wore it, and yesterday, on our way to our weekly volunteer gig, Willow's makeup application consisted of grey smudged all the way around her eyes like a raccoon and a stripe of red body glitter applied in a straight line between her eyes down to the tip of her nose), and my big assignment right now (along with, of course, the fashion show garment, a big bean bag order, revamping our homeschool group's membership application procedure, and other such nonsense) is to free them from conventional color norms, as well. The makeup at the drugstore all seemed to revolve around the same color palette, and we found neither the blue lipstick nor the red blush that Sydney specifically wanted. To keep the emphasis on makeup as a playful, expressive craft, it's really important to me to find a varied palette for all the basics, ideally including the rainbow colors. 

So off I go to browse the online supplies lists of cosmetology schools! With kids like these, there's no danger that I'm going to get locked into my comfort zone, that's for sure.


Tina said...

Fun! I think I might wear mascara a few times a year, but that's about it. We bought some makeup this year for Emma's Halloween costume (she was dressed as though going to a masked ball) and had fun with it for a few days. Now it's just rotting away :0)

Have your tried Sally's Beauty Supply. They typically have a wild selection of colors for their makeup.

I've been tempted to pick up some manic panic to add a bit of excitement to our hair, but last time I did that the 6 week color lasted for about a year (though it did fade) in Emma's hair.

julie said...

I'm a little jealous that Manic Panic worked THAT well (maybe not jealous about the full year part...). Syd wanted her hair pink last year, so I tried the Manic Panic, but it did not take at ALL. Not even a tint of pink after all that work! I have an acquaintance who manages a Hot Topic, and she suggested Raw, but I haven't had the heart to spend the cash and time on it again. I did buy the girls some colored hair spray (I think it WAS from Sally's!) which works pretty well, but the girls don't ask for it very often. Sometimes Syd will want it for ballet class, along with her pink uniform and ballet bun, which cracks me up.