Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Charlie Brown Circle Skirt

When I'm out thrifting, I collect kids' bedding in novelty patterns. They're actually not terribly common, especially the vintage patterns that I like (can't you just envision all the yuck that can happen to a kid's bed sheet?), but in the time that I've been sewing, some great sheets have come and gone through my sewing stash--Incredible Hulk, Powerpuff Girls, dinosaurs of all sorts, Batman and Robin, Spider-man, Scooby Doo, and who knows what else that I'm not remembering?

I've had a great Peanuts flat sheet in my stash for years, loving it but not sure what to do with it. Eventually my girls, however, who have by this point read every comic strip the library has for Foxtrot, Calvin and Hobbes, and Garfield, discovered (with a little sneaky Momma influence) Peanuts. They LOVE Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and Lucy and Peppermint Patty and Linus! So the day after I completely finished up Rose Dress, I cut out and started sewing the girls matching circle skirts from this Peanuts sheet. You'd think that I'd want a break from sewing after all that fuss, but I've already got another sewing project lined up immediately after this one, as well, so I suppose not.

Sydney's skirt still needs the elastic added to the waist, but Will's was finished up in time to write a circle skirt tutorial for Crafting a Green World, so instead of waiting for a mitchy-matchy photo shoot, I went ahead and just photographed her:

In trying to get the most use out of the sheet, I'm afraid that I made Willow's skirt a size too large. I'm embarrassed to tell you that I meant for this skirt to be knee-length!

It's not knee-length, and the elastic waist is a little roomy, as well:

I really, really like this sheet, though, and I actually really like the size of this skirt because it shows off all the little scenes on the sheet so well:

Willow likes the skirt, too, but after a muddy afternoon at the park she did tell me that the skirt "didn't feel like play clothes."

Ah, well. I'll put it back in her wardrobe one more time, but if it still feels a little awkward to her, then I guess that's why I keep a Next Size Up bin!

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Tina said...

Fun! I love circle skirts, though I have yet to make one that I actually like to wear. I keep trying though! Emma prefers pants, but she does have a few circle skirts in her wardrobe.