Monday, February 25, 2013

Rose Dress: Our 2013 Trashion/Refashion Show Entry

I took the bones of Sydney's design, made lots of false starts and took lots of wrong paths, then finally just sat down with an old red silk sheet (complete with Sharpie stains) and spent two solid days at the sewing machine creating Rose Dress:

I've already written about the construction of the dress, so now I just get to show it off, from top--

to bottom:



--and sides:

Thank goodness I had just enough fabric left for those bloomers!

Unlike last year's garment, which wasn't exactly play clothes, I wanted this dress to be something that Sydney could wear whether or not we're accepted into the fashion show, and all spring and summer after the fashion show is over. To that end, I tried to make the dress comfy and soft, light and sturdy, with as few seams and fussy bits as possible:

I'll just put snaps on these shoulder straps when the "fashion" work is over, and the dress will be ready for play!

Fortunately, we already discovered that the dress plays pretty well just as it is:

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