Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Pumpkinbear.etsy.com is my etsy store. It's a modest undertaking so far--I'm only a beginner in online business. I don't have a bio up and my only feedback is as a buyer, but I do have some stuff for sale, all highly beloved, all quilts and the ubiquitous record bowl:

One of my favorites is this fangeek Powerpuff girls quilt. I like it so much because the week after I found this Powerpuff Girls bed ruffle at the Recycling Center, I found a pair of purple jeans there in the exact same spot. The exact same spot! I like to imagine the person who was just now giving up all hope of purple jeans ever coming back into style--those clown-colored jeans were hot in my junior high (or at least I thought they were hot--hmm, sigh). I had a pair of turquoise ones, and as I've always been a nice, big girl, the look probably wasn't so much awesome, especially paired with my white/pink Barbie high tops and the huge spiral perm Mama talked my Cousin Kimberly, fresh out of beauty school, into giving me. If I still had those beautiful turquoise babies, I'd pop 'em right into a Superman quilt, and they'd live happily ever after.

What I made today: with the girls, beaded wire "rain" to hang from painted clouds on the ceiling of their bedroom; T-shirt panties for myself

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