Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waldorf Doll WIP

For the girls' birthdays this year, they are each going to receive (hopefully) one Momma-made Waldorf doll.

I could have made the same claim three years ago, because that's how long this project has been in my head, but I mean it this year. If I procrastinate much longer, I'll have lost the chance entirely to give Willow the doll during the period of her childhood when it can be a real playmate to her, and for Sydney, I think this is going to be a magical present.

If I get them made, of course.

The project, which I would have told you up until I actually began it was prohibitively difficult, is actually not so bad. It's complicated, yes, and my results are clearly far from perfect so far, but it's do-able, and the doll is turning out, if not perfect, quite acceptable.

I'm using the Magic Cabin doll pattern, but Cotton Waldorf Doll Skin Fabric from Weir Crafts--

--although if I want to make more Waldorf dolls beyond the three that I currently have the materials for, I'm hoping that I can source the fabric locally. This first time, it was just too hard to figure out exactly what to buy, so I bought the stuff specifically labeled for Waldorf dollmaking.

Using the pattern and a huge variety of online Waldorf dollmaking tutorials, my first doll has been coming together!

gathering the top of the head 

tucking it in

laying out a piece of wool to wrap the wool head stuffing in

forming a wool ball to stuff the head

head and shoulders ready to tie off

skin fabric stitched over the head, and pins to mark the features

skin fabric stitched over the top and back of the head (it will be covered by the hair)

Now all I have to do is sew the body, piece it together, stitch the details, embroider the facial features, construct the hair and sew it on, sew a dress, and ideally dye Sydney a pink play silk (one of the few colors she doesn't already have!) to wrap it in.

Oh, and her birthday is on Sunday.

P.S. I do have a Waldorf dollmaking pinboard, where I've been trying to collect all the good tips and tricks and tutorials and ideas that I come across, if you'd like to check it out.

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