Thursday, May 3, 2012

Waldorf Doll WIP: Second Round

Nope, I'm not counting how many hours it's taking to create my first Waldorf doll. But...let's just say I've been making a lot of progress on my Hulu queue.

Yep, Syd is watching me work. Her opinions change by the hour about the prospective length of her doll's hair (no matter what she eventually "decides", the doll's hair is going to be down to its feet, to commemorate Sydney's greatest wish to have the longest hair in the world).

Nope, I'm not pleased with how it's turning out; my hand-sewing is SO amateur-ish! But it does help that every time Sydney pops by to check in on my progress and spies her doll, her eye light up, she smiles a huge smile, and she exclaims in happiness and excitement. SHE doesn't think my hand-sewing is ugly.

beginning to embroider the eyes and mouth

finished face, with features both embroidered and drawn with beeswax crayons

machine-stitching to form the arms

arms sewn across the back of the shoulders

tracing the pattern for the body and legs

the torso pinned into place, ready to hand-sew

I'm hoping that it looks less like it wants to eat my face off after I add a full head of humanoid hair and put it into a homemade dress.

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