Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Colored Pencil Roll with Superpowers

I'm entering a whole new target audience of kid-crafting. Will's attending the sixth birthday party of a little guy friend this weekend, and for a little while, I was stymied about his present.

He's a little too old for play dough, at least as a birthday present.
Same for a superhero cape.
I doubt he'd appreciate a patchwork quilt.
Same for a dress.
How would I go about constructing a Beyblades carrier?

Fortunately, the little dude likes comic books (don't we all?), and I do happen to have this particular thrifted fabric just waiting for me in my stash:
This old fabric is slightly lame, because it's from that period of time when they killed off Superman in the comics (gasp!) and tried to replace him with a couple of dorky alterna-superheroes, but still, Superman's on the fabric, and I love its retro look.

While I sewed this particular colored pencil roll, I took some photos for an upcoming pdf tutorial, because I think that I finally have this pattern ironed out and it's ready for Matt to design and make into a pdf package for my pumpkinbear etsy shop:
 I'm in love with the final product, a retro comic book colored pencil roll with superpowers:
I've already got a few more cut out and hemmed, which I'll put in my pumpkinbear etsy shop when they're finished, but I still do have some leftover fabric...

I'm thinking this could be my new traveling Sharpie roll.

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