Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cookies for Santa

A sweet cousin gave the girls some cookie baking kits for an early Christmas present--perfect for the obligatory, last-minute, "Crap, I've got to help the girls bake cookies for Santa" Christmas Eve revelation:

This is the second cookie kit we've used in recent memory that has come with paints made from food coloring. There's never enough paint in the kit, and the brushes are all really small and cheap, but the paint itself does work quite well: Of course this means that I've added food coloring paint to my list of projects to figure out. If it's just food coloring and some sort of applicator, that seems a bit pricey for the kinds of large-scale artworks that we usually do. Must look into bulk pricing for food coloring?

Anyway, I'll stop cutting through the non-craft for a moment--Santa's cookies are thusly left out for Santa (with a carrot for the reindeer, of course):The added sugar and fiber sitting conveniently on a low table nearby are extremely important, because while Matt stays up half the night doing this--
--and this--
SOMEBODY has to stay awake with him to drink beer and eat cookies and watch Get Smart on Netflix:

It's hard work being a parent, let me tell you.


Anonymous said...

OMG - Beer and Cookies! You are my kind of Mom!

julie said...

AND letting my husband do all the work! That's the most important part of my parenting strategy.

5orangepotatoes said...

LOL!!! Love the pics!!! Dave (my hub)didn't have to assemble a thing this year. He was so happy to hear that! Hopefully you guys got a little sleep xmas eve.


julie said...

NO sleep!!! I was awakened at around 6:00 am by the movement of Willow trying to sneak past me in the guest bedroom where we were all crammed.

I said, "What are you doing, sweetie?"

Will replied innocently, "Ummm...I'm just going to check the house."