Monday, December 28, 2009

A Wreath for Every Soldier

I have the feeling that I am capable of becoming VERY tiresome on the subject of my new selective focus lens, but what can I say? I love my Lensbaby.

Today's series of photos was taken at the Fort Smith National Cemetery--yep, we have an awesome old fort, a gallows where a noose is hung on the anniversary of its executions (yes, seriously--ask me sometime and I'll tell you a really funny story about that), and a gorgeous national cemetery that holds not only the judge who ordered all those hangings, but also an uncle or two.

Yes, the military does indeed love itself some uniformity, but I think it's also a beautiful illustration of the way in which a generous repetition of one simple element can add meaning and impact to a scene.


Jim Borthwick said...

Tell us the story about the noose 'n' gallows!

Halle said...

Your photos are very beautiful... I totally understand the consumming need to try out the new feature of sadi camera at each and every moment. I did the very same thing when my sweet hubby bought me a new one!