Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiny Little Cricut Cut-outs

Can you guess what project I need these teeny-tiny little Cricut cut-outs for?
Hint #1: They're all from the Paper Doll Dress-Up cartridge, and they're all cut at 3/4".

Hint #2: Here's what they look like using selective focus:
Hint #3: If you know me on Facebook, you might have seen me update about a corollary to this project today.

Hint #4: They're for my five friends.

If you're the first one to guess it, I'll give you one, too!


Anonymous said...

HA!! They have absolutly no purpose what-so-ever. You just wanted to use that selective focus lens!

BTW - thanks for the headsup on Lensbaby. I'm sort of liking that SF, too! (AND DH and I finally indulged and purchased a "real" camera for ourselves!)

Jackee H said...

Ooh! Ooh! They're for a travel version of Rorschach tests! Cute!

julie said...

You win!!! Travel Rorschach tests are sooooo important, don't you think, for determining the sanity of those that you meet outside the house? The sanity of those that you meet inside the house, unfortunately, is already known.

@Angela Pea--Squeal for the real camera! Let's hear the details!

And also? Pinbacks. You can use your Cricut to cut out images for one-inch pinback buttons. Depends on the image, because some look better in silhouette than others do, but I'm quite pleased with several of the ones I've tried so far.