Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dressing in Pink

Christmas dinner did not exactly go off without a hitch this year.

Papa always makes cornbread dressing. It is always delicious. It is also, apparently, always dyed with food coloring. Cornbread is already yellow, of course, but there are other ingredients, and I guess Papa likes the end product to remain as yellow as fresh-from-the-oven cornbread?

However, for whatever reason this year--it was busy, and it was hectic, and there were two little girls screeching around underfoot in a house that's normally only peopled by the voices of Fox News--Papa reached for the little bottle of yellow food coloring and picked up the red instead.

And so the dressing was pink this year:
Now, by the time the rest of our family arrived for Christmas dinner, Papa had put a spin on the story so that now it read that he decided to dye the dressing red this year, in order to be "Christmas-y." And it certainly didn't hurt the taste any, and it did look rather festive on the plate:

However, I was there, and I know the real story. And now, so do you.


melanie said...

oooooh. I have the Fox News problem at my parent's house as well. I feel for ya, sistah. :)

Cute story about the cornbread - so happy that you caught it on film.

julie said...

My Matt has this additional theory about Fox News, as well (other than the theory that it's well beloved by senior citizens, which is SO true).

He believes that Fox News is so well-beloved by senior citizens because they've messed with their frequency controls to broadcast themselves at a louder volume than other channels. Commercials do the same, you know. Matt claims that old people just sort of subconsciously notice that they can actually HEAR Fox News, and that therefore, they love it.

Meredith Baxter said...

YOUR Matt? He's MY Matt! And I'll just claim Papa for myself while I'm at it. He's MY Papa! You can have the gallows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pic! Pink cornbread is twice as priceless when shown to the entire world.

julie said...

I can live with the gallows.

And the cornbread might very well be pink every Christmas now, because that's what it might take for Papa to avoid admitting that it was an accident.