Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

I hope you went by your favorite indie comic book store yesterday and gave them some love--and got your four free comics!
I was happy to see that our favorite comic book store, Vintage Phoenix, was super-crowded yesterday, and doing a pretty hopping business, too. I managed to support them with my own two dollars and change (I looooooove the 25-cent comics bins). The girls, handed down the solemn honor of being able to pick out four free comics EACH, spent themselves quite some time perusing the possibilities...
Owly was back again this year. Owly is an AWESOME comic for pre-readers because it tells the story without words--it's still linear, though, so it's excellent independent reading practice. Oh, and it's really good:
We're going to read all the comics I bought, of course, but of course you all know their ultimate fate:
Yep, I craft with comics.

If you had some doubts that perhaps I'm not a rabid-enough fangeek, check out all the comics stuff up in my etsy shop:

And, um...that doesn't even include the stuff I'm going to make from the comics I bought yesterday.

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