Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crafty Garden

While my Matt did design work on my book proposal all day, the girls and I spent breakfast-time-- (yep, we even have to dye our cream cheese pink around here) to dinner time--
(What? You don't permit your preschoolers to have a nice candlelit dinner every now and then?) wreaking havoc in the garden.

There were blossoms to pick off of things that I wish the girls wouldn't pick blossoms off of:

And dinosaurs to romp amongst the birdhouse gourd seedlings (and mulch leftover from the neighborhood clean-up day!):
Other components of my crafty garden are bushel basket gourds, lavender, rosemary, spearmint, catnip, and sunflowers. I'm hoping to grow my pole beans up my sunflower stalks, by the way--that sounds reasonable, right? I'm also hoping to include some obviously reclaimed elements into my garden design--powder blue sink I found by the side of the road YEARS ago, a couple of old drawers, etc.

The girls also had a ball picking out critters from our yummy compost harvest:

And we managed to completely uproot an entire ant colony--oops:

Yep. All day, a trip to the recycling center for newspapers and cardboard, and several emergency consultations with , and I managed to plant, like, eight things.

You're not going to believe the crazy-best news, though--this worker came over to our house this afternoon and warned us not to park our cars on the street on Monday or Tuesday because our next-door-neighbor's sugar maple tree is rotted out and they're going to have to cut the whole thing down.

He's talking about the sugar maple that sits JUST SOUTHEAST OF MY FRONT GARDEN PLOT!!!

I may just have one spot in my yard this summer that can accurately be described as "full sun"!!!

Rest in peace, next-door-neighbor's sugar maple. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

P.S. I've finally had some time to list the first of my vintage button alphabet. Check it out in my pumpkinbear etsy shop.


Lisa said...

I just love little girls with dirty hands that love to hold little critters (and flowers of course).

cake said...

i really want to know more about this lasagne gardening...sounds fun.

i think i was walking by your house when the neighbors, or somebody, told matt about the tree coming down. and then today, i saw that it was gone.

congratulations on the full sun!

julie said...

I'll have to tell you in the fall if the lasagna gardening actually works, but it's the least complicated and easiest to understand (and most child-friendly) strategy that I've found so far.

I'm a total novice, so I need it easy.