Monday, February 2, 2009

Do You Know Your Joe?

I had a peaceful time today to work on some Valentines that we'll be sending out to friends and family (Christmas newsletter? Hokey. Valentine's newsletter? Fresh and original!). To make these Valentines I'm using some old comic books that Matt finally admitted I could have from his childhood collection. I think this set will be smaller and much simpler than the last set of Valentines I sent out, just because the comics are so cool in themselves that adding too much stuff would just kill it. Here, for instance, are some close-ups of my Valentines in progress. Can you tell what comic book each is from?
1) Spider-man 2) Wonder Woman 3) G.I. Joe 4) Captain America 5) Iron Man 6) X-Men

More interesting, perhaps, might be to try to figure out why I chose each particular image to be a part of a Valentine--usually a very obscure sexual reference that probably only I will find funny.

P.S. Check out the treasury that I'm featured in on etsy! Treasuries are only up for a limited time, so peek sooner rather than later.


Abby said...

avery is comic book CRAZY. it's superheroes all the time, at our house. much better than nascar, though. i actually like them. the only one i didn't know was GI joe and xmen.

he's into teen titans BIG TIME right now! followed closey by spiderman, justice league, sonic the hedgehog, & iron man. he's also digging the old batman & robin tv series.

Teresa R said...

I recognized all but the X-Men one, which is odd because I don't read GI Joe, and I double-heart the X-Men.

Hey, good for you for being on an Etsy Treasury!!

(I'll have to check out the images again to see what the Valentine references are)

julie said...

Well, Matt does want me to acknowledge that the comic is technically from X-Men 2099, which he claims is not REALLY X-Men.

So there you go.


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