Thursday, April 9, 2009

What To Do With Four Pounds of Buttons

Did I ever mention that just a few days after winning my super-awesome vintage button auction on ebay, that I won another 2 pounds of vintage buttons with a low-ball minimum bid? I don't know why one auction went so high and the other so low, but there you go...

Four pounds of buttons.

And they become: A button alphabet! I'm so totally stoked by them that it makes me kind of giddy--a perfect de-stresser from a stressful week.

It took me a while to figure out a method, and it's still some convoluted pattern of designing the alphabet in Photoshop, printing it, cutting it out, slicing it down the middle, tracing it onto the paper bag, then gluing each button on, then SEWING it on, because what's the point of a button if you're not going to sew it?

I'd like to eventually make two entire alphabets of these--one to sell individually, and one to sell as a set--and I still haven't figured out what to mount them on or how (fabric? Quilted? Felt? Mat board? Cardboard?), but hopefully by Luna Fest I'll have a first-generation in stock.

Oh, and one for my baby, because for some reason she's going to be three years old next month:
If anyone knows what committee I should contact to protest this whole "time flying" business, I'd appreciate their email address.


Anonymous said...

You both glue and sew the buttons on? You're one seriously anal chick...which is a compliment to a crafter, BTW!

I'd like to protest about "time flying" too because my kids are now 13 and 11 and no longer round and cuddly. Waaaah!

julie said...

I know--it's ridiculous! But in my defense, I lay out the buttons that I want first, and then the glue just seems to be the easiest way to hold them where I want them while I sew them on... my original intent was to sew them on, and the fact that the strategy I'm using to be able to sew them on actually makes sewing them on redundant and unnecessary...

I am seriously anal.