Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Have Easter Eggs, But He Has a Secret

You might remember how much I've decided that I love the Maine Wood Company (it's now Casey's Wood Products, but I'm SURE it used to be the Maine Wood Company)--I bought all the girls' simple dollhouse dolls there (although I can't BELIEVE that I didn't buy these Star Wars peggies off of etsy), and some dinosaur cut-outs for future kid crafting.

Well, somehow Willow learned about Easter--the egg hunts, the bunnies, the candy, etc. You know, all the important stuff. I figured we could just pagan it up to be a nice Spring celebration (although I sort of already did that with St. Patrick's Day, finding it too odd to be explaining to a four-year-old why we celebrate a holiday about Ireland). The beauty of making it a Spring celebration (just like in pre-Christian times), is that you get to keep all that important stuff!

And that is why I (over)ordered a LOT of wooden eggs from Casey's Wood Products this week. Now, some I want to felt over with my nice rainbow wool roving, and some I want to leave natural, obviously, but the other thousand or so?

The girls and I have been creating our own wooden Easter Eggs. And it RAWKS!

The first thing we discovered is that Sharpies work GREAT on these wooden eggs----you get great color saturation (and now, I do not know why I let the baby use Sharpies while wearing that dress), way less mess, and the marker tip allows you to get a ton of detail: Later I'll show you Matt's Mexican wrestler Easter egg--I am totally going to make him color all the girls' dollhouse dolls now.

Of course, though, it wouldn't really be our house if we weren't sloppily wielding some dangerously messy art supply, now would it? And so OF COURSE we got out the acrylic paints, too: In order to lessen the general level of mud-making (most of the wooden eggs are really quite inexpensive, but of course the girls gravitate toward the goose eggs, which are $2.25 each! Don't worry, though, because I'm going to steal the ugly ones and felt over them later), I limited the acrylic paints to two tones within the same color--red and pink, for instance, or blue and navy. The girls didn't seem to mind, and actually had fun observing the different gradations of pink their advertent and inadvertent mixing came up with:
Next on the Easter (uh, Spring) trail, I have to go over to Joann's tomorrow to buy elastic on sale, and I'm really really REALLY hoping to find this chocolate Easter bunny kit there. I loooove the idea of chocolate Easter bunnies, and hell, I'll eat one, but the chocolate always tastes cheap to me (unless it's also filled with peanut butter, obviously), so I'd be stoked to be able to make myself a yummy bunny with some nice dark chocolate.

Okay, in other news, last night I was doing some stuff on the Internet--I've been totally stressed lately, because some people on this etsy team I'm in are really taking this whole "political is personal" worldview, and basically acting the kind of crazy that you're supposed to just back slowly away from, NOT engage--and Matt walks into the room, sipping a cup of juice from a straw, and says, utterly out of the blue," Would it make you feel better if I told you that I have a secret blog?"

Did you get that, friends? Feel free to do the double-take with me. My husband has a secret blog.
If your husband told you that he has a secret blog, what's the first thing you would think of? Here are my top three: My Blog About the Cats I've Killed. My Blog About All the Little Boys Who Live in Our Neighborhood. My Blog About Funny Things I Do to My Wife While She's Sleeping.

But no, my husband's secret blog is way better. It's super-geeky, but super-awesome. It is--get this--a blog that he writes from the perspective of a super-villain wannabe (kind of like Dr. Horrible, but Matt TOTALLY denies the connection). It actually marries the crappest parts of our lives in a really cool way, since the super-villain wannabe is an academic, but is also tortured by student assistants and mired in bureaucracy.

Seriously, Matt doesn't want me to give you the link (his Google Analytics reads: 2. Me and him. And I thought my blog was underappreciated), but you will be so happy if you check out Super-Villainy. Only Matt says that you have to, HAVE TO start from the beginning, way back in September (can you believe that my husband has had a secret blog since SEPTEMBER???), and read the posts in order.

Oh, and he hasn't posted since January, but he says that's all part of the overall plot and his post tomorrow will explain everything. My guy, such an artist.

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Anonymous said...

If it's like Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, then I'm totally there (although maybe not right away, and I may not comment much if I have to start from the beginning)!

Please don't tell me your Etsy team is going nutsoid because I just convinced a friend to start selling on Etsy...

julie said...

Etsy is awesome, and so are, for the most part, the three etsy teams that I'm on, but when you're trying to debate something within a large group, and what you're trying to debate is political in nature, and one person gets pissed off at you, and then follows you around the web-world and talks some trash, then things can get messy pretty darn quick.

Another awesome thing about my Matt, though? If you tell him the name of somebody who's treating you badly (like a student, ahem, or just somebody who's being mean to you), he'll google their name when he's bored and then tell you funny/embarrassing things about them.

That will really make you feel a lot better.

Anonymous said...

I guess there are insane people everywhere, even Etsy. ;)

Matt is a riot! Remind me not to cross him or you though. I pulled up his blog, but haven't had a chance to read it yet so I'll book-mark it. Will he freak out if I do comment? Not promising anything though...

julie said...

How funny would it be if we all commented with our super-hero/super-villain alter egos? I haven't had a chance to comment on Matt's blog, either.

I think it will freak him out for a minute, but it's a good thing. Matt's so shy about his writing that he doesn't realize that it's AWESOME! He's still sulking about this one time that he wrote a letter to the editor to the newspaper and when I read it I was all, "Dude, you sound like a crackpot!"

My justification for that comment? He DID sound like a crackpot. Letters to the editor are hard, though.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that'd be so funny, writing comments with our super alter-egos!

You're a rotten kid - but very truthful and funny...I think that's why I enjoy your blog so much. ;D