Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Come to the Moon

The moon, like Spanish: la luna? Old English: mona. Greek: mene. Latin: mens, mensis (literally, "month"). Welsh: mis. Like, you know, Luna Festival?

I'm so absurdly over-educated that I can't tell if my jokes are actually funny.

Anyway...come to Luna Festival!
Come to buy or come to sell--there are actually still a couple of tables open, and I can forward you the pdf application if you're feeling a little crafty. Otherwise, definitely come to buy.

I really like Luna Festival because it's like a craft fair pre-game--I signed up for five(?) sessions at A Fair of the Arts, and one of my New Year's Resolutions (oh, man, I just re-read those and noticed the "limit junk" one--whatev) was to get into some more national-level craft fairs this year, so Luna Fest is like my small, relaxed beginning to the season. I can try out some new stuff I've been working on all winter, test my pricing, have that extra time to work on signage--all that good money-making good stuff.

I also like to mix up my theme a little: last year I sold at Luna under Girls Love Dinosaurs, and this year I'm thinking of combining some kind of craft kit/rainbow thing. The girls have me unhealthily (unholily?) obsessed with rainbows, of all things----all those pretty colors! Lined up in a neat row! How organized! Fussy yet unfussy!

It's tiresome even for me to hear myself talk, sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I'm so there!

Anonymous said...

Will try to drag my sorry ass out on a Sunday to go into town for this. :>

julie said...

Awesome, y'all! You guys should totally come incognito and do my three favorite craft fair things: 1) Ask me how I make my record bowls, and then leave without buying one. 2) Try to haggle down my prices. 3) Look in minute detail at every single thing at my table, excitedly chattering with your friend about how you could go about making all this stuff for yourself, and then leave. Without buying anything.

Or you can come in character and do my absolutely favorite craft fair thing: stand and chat. For as long as possible. And if you have any gossip about what's going on in the rest of the craft fair, that's bonus, because I can't see a THING from my table.

julie said...

That last one, about standing and chatting--that one's not sarcastic. I actually do like that best about craft fairs.

It's hard to tell when I'm being sarcastic or not--it's kinda in-grained.

Lisa said...

Hmmm, Bloomington isn't that far from me. We live in a suburb of Dayton, Ohio.