Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fluffy Felt Flowers

Anyway... I'm feeling much better since I got that poison out of my system yesterday. Today, I was trying to ask Sydney what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday dinner on Tuesday, because you always get exactly the kind of cake you want on your birthday. Our conversation went like this:

"Sydney, what kind of cake do you want on your birthday?"


"Do you want momma to make you a cake?"


"Or would you rather buy a cake from the store?"


"How about a cookie cake?"



I have been obsessed with making things out of felted wool lately. I've been suffering through creating and testing and throwing out in frustration pattern after pattern for a certain wool stuffed animal I'm trying to make for a Craftster swap, there's the ongoing felt food obsession, as soon as the girls and I get the playroom walls painted we're going to make a biiiiiiig felt board with lots of felt shapes to put up on it, and today, during Sydney's nap, I made the most awesomest little thing:

And then I made six more: They're pins! Or brooches, if you're old. They're quick and easy to make, you get to cut out fun shapes and stack them up, you get to use buttons, and the only sewing is hand-sewing everything together from pin to button through the buttonholes. I'll probably use them to embellish boxes or fabrics around the house, but felt clothing accessories are also pretty hot this year. Should I sell them for three dollars? Four dollars? Couple hundred?

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