Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter really isn't so much one of my favorite holidays. I'm not religious, so that whole part's lost on me, it's not one of those holidays in which you're supposed to be sitting around on your butt all day if you're not busy cooking a big meal, so it's not really that restful or relaxing, and it takes place on a day that's already a weekend, so basically it just means that some extra stores I might want to go to are closed now.

But I did buy five dozen regular eggs and maybe five dozen more wooden eggs for making all awesome and colorful, so there is that:
We were busy dyeing some of these particular eggs on Friday night. Matt got home from work, looked at them, and is all, "What do you use to dye these?" I'm all, "Um, food coloring?" He's all, "You don't have to use a special kit? You can just use food coloring?" I'm all, "Well, it's a little more complicated than that, but that's why they put the directions on the food coloring BOX, dear." You see what my life is like, right?

And we didn't even blow out any to decorate--that's five dozen hard-boiled eggs that I'm talking about here. I thought about blowing out some for a terrific fine motor skills activity for the girls, since you have to be so gentle, but I figured that the girls are both too young for it to be at all a successful activity. But then I saw that Chasing Cheerios had her two-year-old painting blown eggs, so there you go. I could be eating scrambled eggs for a week, but no, it's egg salad and devilled eggs and diced egg on salads for me.

Oh, and there's candy, but I tell you, if Matt looks at me nibbling my chocolate and peanut butter rabbit and squeals, "It's a REESEter bunny!" one more time, he is NOT getting lucky tonight.

Of course, there's also the egg hunt. And that's pretty freakin' fun, if you ask me, and I didn't even have my own basket. Five dozen eggs, plus the wooden ones, makes for a sweet hunt for two kids. See? Syd's snapping up the results of our "red" session:
And two happy little girls--

--who have no idea that their diet for the coming week is going to consist primarily of hard-boiled eggs.


P.S. Check out my post on how to craft with Easter trash over at Crafting a Green World.

P.P.S. It's so, so wrong that I keep visiting this site, but this particular picture from Why the Frak Do You Have a Kid had me laughing so hard that I could not breathe. It'll take about seven seconds to see what the big deal is, though, so give yourself time.

I swear, though, the girl in that picture looks kind of familiar. Sarah Edwards, that's not you, is it? You're a social worker!


Lisa said...

I love the button egg. You babes are such cuties!

Mac G said...

Would you prefer a subscription to "Indianapolis Monthly" or "Kentucky Monthly"?

julie said...

It is "North Dakota Quarterly" all the way for me, baby!

Although how many times a year does that journal come out, anyway?


Your girls are adorable and those eggs look great!

julie said...

You guys are so sweet! I'm tellin ya, when you buy the food coloring, go for the NEON colors.

No natural dyes in muted tones for us, apparently.