Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Golden Rule of Flash Photography

Today the baby learned Rule #1 of self-portraiture:
You can't shoot towards the mirror if you're also shooting flash.

It's still awesome, though, right? My kids are compiling quite the photography portfolio.

And my camera? Well, regular upgrades are something to look forward to, I suppose. While the girls try for that extra-close-up of the area behind the toilet bowl, I'll just hum quietly to myself and pretend like this one's in my future:

On the other hand, I do like for my family to eat, so maybe I'll go rescue my camera.


Anonymous said...

I know a ton of adults (myself included) who still take flash photos aimed at a mirror. Oy.

*drool* at that camera....

Lisa said...

The photo is awesome! I love the pics my girls take, they see the world so differently. I love your slug story about your friend, that is hilarious!

cake said...

what do you mean, "you can't...?"

she did. and she did a splendid job of it. she is learning from you, the joys of mis-using tools and materials! yay!

julie said...

I know, it's totally the flip side of Syd's super ability to paint the wall in peanut butter, drink all the food coloring and pee purple, leave acrylic paint footprints from the top of the crafts closet across the house to the bathroom, etc.

The kid is already like some kind of crafts anarchist or something.