Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Controlled Chaos (Except for the Controlled Part)

This is what the work table in my studio looks like right about now:I count three different types of craft projects in the making there. I'm hoping to finish up one complete set of button alphabets tomorrow, which I'll likely sell by the letter. I'd like to do another complete alphabet to sell as a set, but it might be nice if at my first couple of craft fairs this season I had something to sell OTHER than two sets of button alphabets, ya know?

Ooh, and a third set just for the babies, but since we have nowhere to put that one it gets to be low priority for now.

I am so stoked for craft fair season.

And garage sale season.

It would be nice to see the sun again, too...

P.S. Check out my post about appraising your vintage stuff before you craft with it over at Crafting a Green World.

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Anonymous said...

Great post about searching for the price first before crafting with something! And the next time we see you at a Fair, I'm going to point your bowls and say to my kids, "look, this is a record!"...hahahaha! Oh wait, I shouldn't do that or you'll tell Matt to use his Googling skills on me.