Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Avatar is Also a Fangeek

You might remember that directly after Sydney's toilet-training celebration (the new panties, the present, the Baking of a Treat), I bought a butt-load of these little wooden peg people from Casey's Wood Products.

I had always intended to paint them (there are some examples of exquisitely-painted little peg people on etsy, if you're curious), but they are really small, and whenever the girls and I paint...let's just say that we work well with a LARGE canvas. A large big-ole-mess-of-acrylic-paint-everywhere kind of canvas.

However, decorating our wooden Easter eggs with Sharpies went so exceedingly well that yesterday we dragged all the Sharpies (fine and larger points) back out, kidnapped a handful of peggies from the dollhouse, and went to town.

As I'd expected, the kiddos were more interested in experiencing the process of coloring the interesting curves and wooden texture than in drawing "dolls", per se, but after much careful work in which my reach just nearly exceeded my grasp, I did succeed in creating my own little peggie avatar:

I decided to go minimalistic, to disguise the reality that I have no idea how to make proportional arms, or a nose, or even a mouth. Or even eyes, really, so it's a good thing that I wear glasses, because I can totally do those.

But not the earpiece parts. That seemed hard.

We'll do this project several more times, I imagine, so it's my hope that Willow, at least, will eventually want to make her own peggie avatar. If not, though, I plan to recruit my Matt to finish out the family.

Cause don't YOU want to watch your private family dynamics played out by preschoolers in the setting of a dollhouse?

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