Friday, April 17, 2009

You Can Keep What You Can Carry

This can be my new mantra, since the girls and I went to a program at our public library in which the girls each received, and then got to DECORATE, their very own book bag.

I'm telling you, we go to the library a lot, and the library book problem here at home is getting pretty desperate. Not only do I have my entire bookshelf just for library books that I only return when I absolutely have to, and then when I do return them I just use another card to request them, but the girls have TWO entire bookshelves just for the library books that they, too, have a hard time returning. Even Matt has a little library book problem, although try and get him to admit it.

Seriously, we went to the library twice this week, and both times we came home with a huge stack of books for the girls. Does everyone do that? Are we the kind of family who thinks everything that we do is normal just because we do it, but then the girls are going to grow up and learn that their childhoods were seriously? Messed. UP.

Anyway, the library program was awesome, and not just because our favorite librarian, my dear friend Mrs. Christina, was in charge (she and I were talking about this, like, truck porn you can get for little kids who are into cars and trucks and heavy machinery--it's hour-long videos with just these shots of trucks, you know, and zooming in on the headlights and the wheel wells and watching them spin their tires in the mud, real fetish stuff, but you're not supposed to call kid obsessions fetishes, please remember that).

No, the program was awesome because of all the fabric paint! Tubes and tubes of it, in color after color, the kind you brush with brushes and the kind you squeeze from the tubes directly onto the fabric and TWO kinds of fabric markers! We get there and get our totes, and all the other kids are kind of hanging back like they don't know what to do or they're scared to draw on their tote bag, but my kids are all, "Hell, YEAH!" and in they dive:
I'm not kidding, y'all. It may be hard to notice in this photo, but I'd like to point out that in it, Syd is painting with a brush--in each hand:
We were the first ones there and the last ones to leave. Christina actually had to give Will an old shirt of her own kid's because I couldn't take Will to school looking the way she ended up, in her thrifted Gap velour dress, no less (I'm sure the program notes read "dress to mess," but I forgot to read the program notes).

The cost of mess, though--look at those bags!

How many books do you think will fit in each one? Ten? Fifteen?


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cake said...

we too, leave with stacks of books. and, i remember doing it as a kid too. which is not to say that my childhood, or cosmo's for that matter, is "normal."

we have checked out the "trains, up close and personal" video, and "mighty machines" for cosmo. the train one is awesome because there is no narration. just trains. all kinds, even one shoveling snow off of a track in the mountains. "mighty machines" has a funny theme song that carl and i quote, to crack each other up.

cosmo is not really all that excited about cars, trains or construction equipment (unless it is digging or bulldozing right in front of him, live), but they were fun to see at a certain age.

love the totes, and, that your kids dive right in.