Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Fast-Forward

You'd think I'd be mellowing in the post-Christmas crash--a New Year begun, one babe back in school, my own semester yet to begin...I have magazines to read, a new Waldorf doll-making book from the library (finally!) to think about, and a DanceDanceRevolution resolution to conquer.

But no, my friends, I have not been "mellowing." I do not mellow. Instead, I have been doing this----and this--Yes, you with that look of horror upon your face, that is what you think it is--I HAVE been prepping for Valentine's Day.

I have an idea for a denim quilt with denim heart applique that I've been working on for my etsy shop, and a plan for another one but with all the heart appliques decorated by our family (ideally each topped with a red or pink vintage button, although I do not actually own any vintage buttons), and I'm doing some cardmaking for my Craftster swap, and the result of all this is...

Y'all, I ran out of stash. I am about two pairs of blue jeans shy of cutting out all the pieces for my second quilt, and I flat-out ran out of vintage songbook or poetry book pages dealing with the concept of love. So obviously I ran by the Recycling Center today, because their free Sidewalk Exchange is continually rife with ripped blue jeans and crazy old books (I found porn there once! Porn!). But the Recycling Center? Closed! With a big sign out front saying they're closed on Mondays now!

Stupid New Year.

When I found myself standing in the study earlier tonight eyeing my 1936 Kittredge Shakespeare, I was all, "Whoah, lady! Calm on down. You can find some real-live trash tomorrow."

Oh, and since some people in the Blog-verse have accused me of objectifying my husband in my last post (And I don't know what you could have a problem with--he was HAPPY when he found out we were going to have sex), here's a photo of Matt's butt for you:See? That's how you objectify somebody, you sillies!


Kimberly said...

Who on EARTH would say you were objectifying him?! At least he got some, right? And if HE wasn't complaining no one else should be :-D

Big ups for SEX!

julie said...

I know, right?

Big "ups" for sex? Nice, Kimberly.

cake said...

i shocked myself too, when i was gathering supplies for cosmo's valentines yesterday. i usually don't think this far ahead, but this is the first year where we can make a bunch of valentine's for his little tiny classmates. i am way more excited than he is, at this point.

love the flashlight/night vision affect on the butt shot.

Kimberly said...

LOL! I'd love to continue to let everyone think that I did that intentionally, but alas... :-(

julie said...

I might cheat a little this year and offer Willow Valentine-making supplies that, no matter the combination, will look festive. Montessori encourages the kid to only make Valentines for a reasonable number of friends--5 or 6--so Will didn't get burned out or anything last year, but I'm not sure how well Halloween stickers on a Pizza Express ad got the theme across.

I'm still learning this thing that if you don't want to manipulate the kid, you have to manipulate the kid's infrastructure. And then that manipulates the kid.

cake said...

i imagine that cosmo and i will "collaborate" on his valentines. otherwise, i am sure we'll end up with halloween stickers on a pizza express ad, too.
but hey, if you cut that ad up with a heart punch, it is sort of valentine-y..