Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On the Photo-Mosaic Bandwagon

I have to admit, I loooove all the crafty retrospective photo mosaics that I've seen on so many blogs this week. Grouping all the stuff you've made all year all together in one big collage speaks loudly to the power of the handmade and the human touch, I think, especially with the CPSIA looming over our shoulders and my concerned letters to my representatives about it going completely unanswered (Hello, Senator Lugar, can you hear me?).

In that spirit, here's a grouping of my handmade of 2008. Some of this I've sold, some I've given away, some was for me, some was for my girls (ONE thing was for my Matt), some was practical, some was fanciful, and friends, this wasn't even the half of it:
It was a happy year.


cake said...

that is so great! my favorite picture are the sling ones. just so sweet!

i don't think i have seen the year in crafting mosaics, but i have been wanting to do a post just with pictures of the things i made last year. maybe i will try one, and jump on that band wagon too...

julie said...

It's super-fun, and kind of addictive. I think that most people use a free online Photo Mosaic software that will take your photos off of Flickr, but I just use Microsoft Publisher to lay out my mosaics.


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