Sunday, January 4, 2009

Choup: A Soup-Chili Hybrid, and Other Adventures

Sundays have the potential to be so awesome, in a productive sort of way (You think productive=awesome, too, right? Um...right?).

Today, I cut out about a million denim hearts and squares for a couple of quilts I have planned. A certain little girl hung out with me and practiced her measuring:

(The trick, fellow four-year-olds, is to get the edge of your ruler flush with the edge of what you want to measure. Notice the impeccable form above).

I listened to
seven times, claims iTunes.

I went to the library and got both a Voltron AND a Thundercats DVD set, but I did not get the book the library ordered and put on hold for me about how to make Waldorf dolls, on account of the librarian was being very weird ("But Julie Finn has to be present to pick up her hold item." "Um, I'm Julie." "Do you have an ID?" "I have my library card." "Well..."). I'm not kidding you, she looked exactly like the ballot judge who gave me the loopy voting machine intro on Election Day.

I put some nifty little Valentine gifties up on my etsy shop:
I added some New Years' Resolutions to my list (gardening, and seed sprouting).

I got my partners for the Valentine's Classroom Card swap.

I made this weird but delicious chili-soup thing: You put in the veggie chili mix stuff, but then you put in all your leftover and freezer veggies and fill the pot the rest of the way up with veggie broth, and you get your partner to make up a batch of Bob's Red Mill gluten-free cornbread. Then you mix it all up in a little Pyrex bowl just for you:
I played DanceDance Revolution. A lot.

I ate some more cornbread with ginger jam.

And Willow is here now to remind me that it's Family Art time.

Ooh, and I think my coccyx has finally healed! Matt doesn't know it yet, but we are totally having sex tonight.


Kimberly said...


Ooh, and I think my coccyx has finally healed! Matt doesn't know it yet, but we are totally having sex tonight.

Yeah...oatmeal ON THE KEYBOARD! LOL! I'm sending you the cleaning bill, lady :-D

Abby said...

Oh how I've missed your blog! Cracking my shit up, as usual.

Anonymous said...

That was quite the weird experience at the library. I've never had that happen to me before (which explains why my blog posts are never as funny as yours...or at least it's one of the explanations).

What's with the coccyx? This is the second post today that mentioned it. The first was at

julie said...

The coccyx is like the most crazy-important part of the body. When I go down stairs or walk across an icy sidewalk now, I walk like a little old lady. I'm all, "I have to be careful of my coccyx!"

It totally sucks, too, because ice skating is one of my super-favorite things to do (don't get me wrong, I'm not good at it at ALL, but it's fun), and I went once this season before the fall down the stairs, and I don't know if I'll be brave enough to go again this season. Cause when I ice skate, I fall on my butt a lot.

And on your butt? Is the coccyx.

Anonymous said...

I've never liked ice skating...because I fall on my butt a lot too! And I'm not brave like you, so if I fall once, I don't wanna do it again. (I do, however, love watching hockey players skate...I tell people, YOU try wearing 100 lbs of equipment and skate with the grace of figure skaters).

Well, I hope yours has, indeed, totally healed and I will take good care of mine! ;)