Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolutions, Both Crafty and Not

Sure, sure, I'm happy to be home, but I forgot a little bit that home is chronically filthy, and that cabin was so, so spick-and-span. I'd also perhaps rather spend a few more evenings gazing at this--

--instead of what I'm currently gazing at, which is, in essence, you guys I suppose, so take that as you will--hee!

I wrote up my New Year's Resolutions on the car ride home in my newest and most bestest friend ever (although I took a hefty break around St. Louis to fiddle with and curse Matt's new GPS thingie--you'd think it would know that one whole damn highway has been closed for three months and help us navigate AROUND it to get to Whole Foods, but no, it's all "Take that one highway! No, seriously, take that one particular highway!" Grrr). Here is where I stand:

  1. Be healthier (Subpoint #1 Exercise every day. Subpoint #2 Limit junk food). As far as Subpoint #1, I actually did start yesterday this one-month membership at Curves that I won in a silent auction, um...last February? Curves? Is awesome! As far as Subpoint #2, my partner (who's not necessarily still at his beginning-of-our-relationship fighting weight, either) keeps buying orange rolls and frozen pizzas--I don't think he got the memo.
  2. Work on book proposals, magazine submissions, and self-published project how-tos. Yep, wouldn't it be nice if I could write AND craft, all at the same time? I enjoyed writing my piece for Craft magazine so super-much that it got the little hamster in my head running overtime on its little hamster-wheel of ideas.
  3. Keep a clean house (Subpoint #1 Everything organized. Subpoint #2 Everything neat. Subpoint #3 Everything clean). Yeah, y'all who know me, or at least who have seen certain self-revelatory photos of my study, are laughing your asses off right now, I know, but it's a dream of mine! And just today Matt and I went through all kinds of marital discord trying to agree on fabric storage and an additional table in my study (update: we did NOT agree), and I bought the girls each their own miniature whisk broom, dustpan, and spray bottle for vinegar water. Maybe some work will finally get done around here.
  4. Keep working on craft fairs, etsy, and blogging. Cause maybe some day the whole "for fun AND profit" thing will apply to them.
  5. Do something good for Matt every week. On account of I heard somewhere that you're not actually supposed to take your husband for granted all the time..........whatever.
  6. Decorate the house really cool. I totally want to be one of those people whose house looks really creative and awesome, with surprising yet beautiful paint colors and whimsical little touches and stuff. And while we were at the Re-store today, Matt would not let me buy the aisle of theater seats OR the bank of apartment mailboxes--you see what I'm trying to work with here?
  7. Teach the girls every day. I like to make more work for myself, so even though Will attends a half-day preschool, I still feel the need to make their homelife enriching and creative and attentive to all their mental and physical needs--I'm a part-time homeschooler.
  8. Get really, really good at DanceDanceRevolution. Cause that counts as exercise, right?

P.S. Check out my two posts about my Mama's old quilts and how to care for them over at Crafting a Green World.


Kimberly said...

I hope that you continue to enjoy Curves. When I lived in the ridiculous town of Bedford (don't JUDGE! My husband is a HS teacher there and we're both transplants from Indy), I joined Curves. I enjoyed it for the first 2 weeks and then...well, it just became soooooooo boring. The same machines over and over again. Sure, every few weeks they change the circuit order or move the machines around, but sweet jeebus, it was so horribly boring. At least for me it was; plus it was little ol' blue haired ladies that would never talk to me, so there's that too. ;-)

My resolution was definitely to get back into shape. My pre-baby body was pretty rockin', and this flabby, (almost) one year post-baby body just isn't cutting it anymore. We live off the clear creek trail, so I plan on spending a LOT more time running and walking once it warms up!

cake said...

i am so inspired by your resolutions, that i may even write some up myself. i have been thinking of things i want to do, or move toward in the coming year.

i love the "hamster wheel of ideas," and know what that feels like

julie said...

I do like Curves so far--the 30-second set makes me keep my heart rate up, because I think, "Hell, I can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds"-- but I likely won't buy a membership when my month runs out because (1) they don't have child care, and (2) because it's an independent franchise, the hours aren't super, and after my spring classes start I'd only be able to get there three days a week, max.

I'm pretty sure you're supposed to make sacrifices for your fitness, like finding a babysitter or crazy-juggling schedules or something, and hopefully it doesn't mean that I don't want to take care of myself that I don't want to completely shift my entire family's lives around just to get to a gym I like every day.

Wanna know my worst resolution ever? Sometime in my twenties, my New Year's resolution was seriously to "be perfect," and then I had a list of all the things I needed to do to be perfect. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Ambitious! I got exhausted just reading the list. :} It's day 5 of January, and I've not kept all my goals yet. I'm doomed.

Abby said...

i got the stomach flu on vacation. it turned out to be the easiest 5 lbs. i've ever lost. who needs curves when you have stomach cramps, vomitting, and complete disgust with food. so far, it's left me eating vegetarian. so i guess that's my resolution....we'll see.

and i did buy a curve membership, pre-baby, pre-pregnancy, in atlanta. was into it for about 2 months, then stopped going. then ended up paying the rest of the year. did i mention i tend to drop out of things....i dropped out of lap babies for god sake.

good luck!

julie said...

You brought the specter of the stomach bug to my blog! Now I have to spend all day chanting and wafting incense around it, and I had plans to go to the library.

Now that I'm older, it's seriously been a big deal to me to find real exercise that I enjoy (don't even get me started about my messed-up childhood), but that's not nearly as much exercise as I need. I like the SRSC, but it's too far away from our house; I like the Y, but it's too expensive; I like Curves the best (so far), but their hours suck.

I'm going to have to start playing a sport or something.

And lap babies? I was never so bored in my life.