Monday, December 15, 2008

Paranoid, Anyone?

I am totally paranoid about the mail. I am paranoid that one of my etsy purchasers will fail to receive their record bowls and be mad at me. I am paranoid that the reason this certain cousin of Matt's never thanks me for the handmade gifts I send her child is because she never receives them, because THEY GOT LOST IN THE MAIL.

And then there's this place. I mean, I absolutely want to go to one of those auctions, but who mails something and thinks, "Gee, I hope this gets lost on the way to Aunt Pam's and ends up in an auction of unclaimed merchandise at the dead letter office in Atlanta"? Nobody.

And that's why the packages I mail out look like this:
Yes, y'all, that IS duct tape. And newspaper. Wrapped around a cardboard box. With more newspaper inside. Oh, and the actual stuff? Is wrapped in a plastic bag, in case it gets wet.

I do like to pretty it up, however, especially for this one poor, unsuspecting etsy shopper, who mentioned that this box was going to go straight under the Christmas tree when it got to her:
See? I drew hearts with Sharpie markers in between the duct tape!

But that's nothing...I let the girls decorate the boxes going to family members all by themselves:Do they even let foam stickers go through the mail like that?

P.S. I was sold out of record bowl sets for a while (yay!), but there's one more brand-new Christmas-themed set up in my shop now.


Anonymous said...

I'm always paranoid about sending stuff in the mail. I let people I buy stuff from (on Etsy) when their pkgs arrive for their peace of mind, and I appreciate it when people do likewise for me. I think you have good reason to be paranoid.

julie said...

I know, though, but I've never had anything go wrong in the mail. Ever.

I think I just have control issues.

Abby said...

With all the packages Scott mails out, he has never had a package go missing. Well there was that one time, but they found it. He always has tracking numbers, though.

Anne-Marie said...

Your photos are so cute. I love the creative packaging and that you involve the whole family in your art and creativity.

Anonymous said...

Control say that like it's a bad thing. ;D