Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Man, He'll Wow You

After dinner last night (Hmm? Oh--steamed cabbage, kale, and potatoes, with nutritional yeast. What? It's good!), by all rights it should have been bedtime, but Will had a hankering that could not be denied.

She had a hankering for watercolor.

So, sucker that I am for an art project, we cleared the table and got out the supplies, and had ourselves a little family watercolor evening: Sydney painted circles, of course:Will painted a present sitting on top of a couch:

(I'm irritated with myself about that, because I have this rule that I don't draw things for the kids, because I don't want them to model me in their artwork (seriously, read
--it's awesome), but Will saw me drawing a cliche little present picture on somebody's etsy package, and lo! here it is)
I remain firmly in the abstract:
But my Matt, goofing around with a child's paintbrush on typing paper, creates this:

I'm the one who's lucky enough to get to stay home all day with my gang and play with art supplies, but my guy, who has to spend all his days in a cube going clickety-click on a computer screen, he's the one with the skills.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! That's pretty amazing! (Maybe he has art supplies hidden in his desk that he doodles with while everyone thinks he's working?)

Abby said...

Wow! That's really amazing! He is really talented.

You weren't modeling for him, were you?

julie said...

Yeah, the man's a rock star.

And every night around 8 pm, he takes his pants off, and if you ask him to do anything after that time, from loading the dishwasher to picking all the library books off the floor, he'll say, "I can't! I already took my pants off!"

And yeah, I bet Matt totally got his inspiration from watching me play Dance Dance Revolution. Cause I am getting pretty fly at that game, let me tell you.