Sunday, December 14, 2008

Willow of the Corn

I love it when kids are old enough to create totally creepy, apocalyptic-style artwork:Here is my completely imaginary interpretation of Will's masterpiece:

"That's Sydney and Damian and me and we're standing in the middle of all the fire in the world. The wings of The Bad Man beckon, and Damian made all the grown-ups fall down, even you, Mommy. You all fell down, because you all have ouchies, and now the ground is sticky."

And Matt's been commenting lately that every evening when he leaves work, there are maybe a thousand crows just sitting in the trees around his building. A THOUSAND crows, friends.



Kimberly said...

Coming in to work this morning, at the corner of Morton and 10th, there was a deafening sound of crows. I turned my radio down because I thought it was part of a wasn't. It was the sound of a THOUSAND crows. *shudders*

Anonymous said...

They say the number of crows is declining due to West Nile, but you'd have to show me some good, hard numbers before I believe it.

julie said...

Matt called me from work AGAIN this morning, griping about the crows, and they're all sitting on the grass right outside his window and going "Caw! Caw!" at him.

But Matt does bear the One Ring. And the crows, they are His eyes.

cake said...

that drawing is fantastic. really amazing.
isn't a gathering of crows called a MURDER? i researched this phenomenon last year, when they were collecting nightly in the trees near our house. when it is not mating season, crows (and starlings, and some other birds) will often gather in one spot before finding a place to roost together for the night. safety in numbers, or something like that.