Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Resist!" Perler Bead Sign from Crafting the Resistance

The tutorial in Crafting the Resistance makes a knitted bookmark, but I don't have knitting needles and yarn and... knitting skills. I don't have those, either.

You know what I DO have?

Perler beads. Audiobooks. A kid who loves nothing better than to sit down and hang out and craft with me.

So that's what we did! This project is modified from the Well Read Bookmarks in Crafting the Resistance; I followed the chart, but instead of knitting the pattern, I created it in Perler beads:

Yep, those are GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Perler beads there! You can resist even at night!
The kid? She made herself a giant Applejack:

I received a pdf of the book from the publicist for review; I actually find craft books really hard to review over pdf, but it IS handy to be able to simply print a page to access the template.
Applejack now lives on the wall in the kids' bedroom where Syd is displaying her Perler Bead My Little Ponies--

This is one of the results of the kids' bedroom redesign: dedicated display space for Syd's My Little Pony collection! Right now, we've got her Perler Bead Ponies and a framed piece of fanart that I bought her from a Comic-Con, but I'm hoping to add small shelves and convince Syd that her My Little Pony toys could live there, too.

--and the "Resist!" sign now lives above the big work table in our studio--

--where it can inspire us to use our hands to change the world.

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