Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Rainbow Cake Bandwagon

In my family's Arkansas kitchen, with its big dishwasher and pantry chock-full of things we don't have at home and a 60-year collection of Tupperware and butter tubs and plastic bowls and such, the girls and I have been indulging in a wider variety of kitchen crafts than we usually do on a daily basis.

No surprise, then, that we jumped on the rainbow cake bandwagon.

I've seen rainbow cake mentioned in several blogs, most recently at Craft Magazine (my Matt has an unsavory name, of sexual connotation, for one blog posting an item, which is then picked up by another blog and posted, which is then picked up by another blog...), but our version, of course, changes some basic and crucial rules and thus doesn't end up looking like the other pictures on the other blogs. It's pretty much another shark cupcake incident.

So for instructions for a perfect-looking cake, try elsewhere.

The basic concept behind a rainbow cake is to divide a cake batter, independently color each scoop or so a different color----and then dump each scoop of cake batter into the cake pan smack on top of the scoop that came before it without stirring or mixing it up AT ALL: And then you end up with rainbow-y goodness ready to bake: My mistake, in rummaging through my family's kitchen, was that I used a white angel food cake mix, which I was able to find in a cupboard, but not an angel food cake pan, because I wasn't able to find one, although I'm sure of its existence somewhere in this house...somewhere.

Mind you, I've never made nor seen made angel food cake before, so I'm reading the back of the box and I'm all, "Hmm, no eggs? I accept that. But balance the cake upside down on a glass bottle? That's weird, and I can't do that with these cake pans, anyway," and therefore my rainbow cake layers, instead of being all light and fluffy and wide and all, are instead dense and narrow and small: But is the cake still delicious?
Why yes, yes it is.

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Lisa said...

Good for you!! Looks delicious! I bet the kiddos loved it.

Stephanie said...

Darling pictures!
So what about the cake not coming out right, I say. :)

julie said...

Y'all are so sweet!

Yes, the girls did love it and I learned a little something about the complicated chemical engineering that is an angel food cake.

How did that thing ever get invented?


Not only is that a brilliant concept for a cake, even in its not-so-fluffy angel food version it looks great! And how fun for kids!

dongdong said...

Oh, this is so good!!! I love it.