Monday, March 16, 2009

I Can Tell We're Back in Arkansas

Within 24 hours of re-entering the state, we were at Wal-mart (yes, they have organic milk, no, they do not have veggie chili mix).

Here, the trees are in boisterous bloom: As we walked into storytime at the public library this morning, my girls were greeted by the SAME little old lady who was the little old lady who held storytimes when I was their age. I adored her then, and adore her now--she remembered my children's names after I introduced her, held the children rapt with a book about a duck who tried, to no avail, to avoid a spanking (she's a little old-school), sat with Sydney on her lap while a group of daycare children sang a St. Patrick's Day song for the local news (5 at 5!), and took my hand as we walked over to the crafts area so that she could ask all about my life ("Why, I'm a teacher, Ms. Louise, and I have a library science degree").

Ah, homecomings.

Matt, who drove us down here for the week but then went back to Indy to work (How I am going to survive here without him, I do not know), did not have the pleasure, thusly, of meeting Ms. Louise, but he did get to hear me blather on all about her on the phone, and all about the horrible papers I'm grading and what exactly are my students doing all class while I'm teaching the material, oh and by the way how was the drive back.

He also, because he thinks of me even when I'm not around, sent me a link to this awesome artist who embroiders female merit badges.

They are awesome.

While I never earned the Applied Mascara or even the Pantyhose badges, really, I am all about the Fertility badges. Not only do I get the ones for the Pill and Pregnancy Scare and Inserting a Tampon, but I also get nicer ones like Bride, Pregnancy-- --and Breastfeeding: But now, of course, I totally want to add to the list. How about Tandem Breastfeeding? Working with Baby in Lap?

Hosting Child's Birthday Party? Taking Child to Emergency Room? Finding the Perfect Sports Bra?

Telling Former Teachers that You're Now a Teacher Yourself?

We all deserve an entire vest full of these.


Abby said...

I love that you and Matt are such a team. Scott and I have a hard time being apart as well, and we talk on the phone about 500 times a day.

I also liked the picture of you on the computer with Willow asleep. Your hair is LONG! I forgot that is how it was when I met you.

Have a good trip and enjoy the time with your family.

Oh and BTW: a customer will be getting in touch with you by email to schedule a private cloth diapering session.

julie said...

Ugh, time with my family...

I know you always have such a terrific time when you visit your family, but when I visit mine:

1) I have to deep-clean their house as soon as I get there so that it's fit for me and the girls to live in.
2) I have to shop for, cook, and clean up after all the meals if I want there to be any meals.
3) I have to keep cleaning every day, because I'm the only person who does clean.
4) Out of the two people who live in the house, one is too deaf to carry on a conversation with and the other is, um, "difficult."

So the girls are getting some extended family time that they BETTER appreciate when they're older, and I'm slaving and biting my tongue.


Abby said...

You are gonna need a vacation from your vacation. i hope you have at least a little fun, and that the girls are soaking up their extended family time. you will just appreciate home that much more when you return. it's been BEAUTIFUL here!