Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Halloween Bean Bags

My kids looooooove bean bags. While we were moving, I uncovered a stash of a few cuts of Halloween-themed fabric, so I made them a set of Halloween bean bags, and another couple of sets for my pumpkin+bear etsy shop.

A major part of making a shop listing is the photo shoot. Fortunately, the kids also enjoy helping with this:

Syd made this set-up look "like a lollipop."

 Of course, with bean bags, you've got to get an action shot!

When the kids were small, I used to make things for my pumpkin+bear etsy shop that were copies of things that I made for them. I still do this, of course, but I'm pleased at how much more helpful they are now with these listings, and I'm looking forward to a time when, hopefully, the kids will be creating their own handicrafts to list.


Tina said...

I love that first photo of Syd jumping. Beautiful photography right there!

At first I saw bean bag and thought- "Perfect, we need some bean bag chairs for the new place!"

While not exactly what I had in mind, I pretty sure my kiddo would still love it if I made her some of there. And the fact that you fill them with PINTO beans would make them even cooler for her. Cause, you know, Pinto is a type of horse/color.

We just got a craft ready for the homeschool co-op that involved soaking beans, poking holes in them, then letting them dry again so that the kids can string them into jewelry. Very. Very. Tedious. The moms decided the kids can make a small zipper pull instead so that less beans are required.

julie said...

Okay, that craft sounds... INSANE!!! Did you do different kinds of beans?

The bean bags are a little tedious to make, but they sell well and they do bust the stash!

Tina said...

Yeah, it was insane. We bought a bag of the 16 bean soup mix and used those. It sucked.


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