Monday, September 22, 2014

My Latest: Colored Cellophane and a Junior Ranger Vest

a tutorial for copying an existing piece of clothing, using this Junior Ranger vest I'm making for Will

I used her Girl Scout vest as a template.
a tutorial for the 3D glasses that Will made, also as a Girl Scout project

and a tutorial for these color viewers that I made, inspired by the 3D glasses

I was worried these color viewers would be a little baby-ish for my two, as they're usually used for sensory play for preschoolers, but oh, my gosh, they LOVE them, and they're a useful addition to our science enrichment supplies. 

I've got a couple of etsy orders to make early this week, but other project goals include sanding and varnishing one last bookshelf from the old general store; sorting, cataloging, and scanning a whole box of World War II correspondence that I found in our attic on Saturday before I call our home's former owners and tell them what a treasure I found (and sorted, and cataloged. I might stay quiet about the scanning...) for them; chipping old cement off of marble slabs that used to be bathroom counters in some fancy bathroom at the university, but that I would like to be wall shelves here; and lengthening some pants for Will, because it's getting cold here, and the poor kid has stretched out of all of her pants!

I know I should do that last project first, on account of cold weather, but yeah, I'm probably going to play with my World War II letters all week instead.


Tina said...

I hear you on the pants issue! I wasn't smart enough to build in some extra height when I made Emma's pants last year. If I can get everything rearranged soon enough, I might just have enough time (and space) to get some new ones (with growing room) made for her this year.

I'd love to see some of those letter! I bet copies of them would be fun to craft and create with. And I suppose they could be used for educational purposes as well depending on the content of the letters.

julie said...

I've got some flannel that I seriously need to destash, so this may be the autumn that my kid wears pajama pants every day.

Tina said...

Flannel is only for pj's? My poor kid's so out of fashion :0) That's what I made for her last year. And the year before I think. We just picked non-pj looking patterns.

julie said...

Our patterns, I think, are VERY pj-looking, just a bunch of silly stuff from my stash. One benefit of having a kid who's completely unselfconscious about what she looks like, though, is that I get to outfit her for fall entirely in pajama pants!


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