Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Latest: Poop and Libraries (and the Antique Furniture Hiding in My Outbuildings)

for Insteading, a discussion of humanure composting and wastewater gardening

and for Crafting a Green World, an article about a little kid forced to shut down his Little Free Library

Here on the home front, there's not as much unpacking going on as you'd think--can't really put things away when there's nothing to put stuff ON, or IN, you know--but I've got a dresser half-painted in the garage and my lockers half-painted on the driveway, and the card catalogue also out there waiting its turn, and tomorrow evening, perhaps, before we walk across our yard to go watch the new Transformers movie at the drive-in (I'm torn about letting the kids watch this one--on the one hand, I think it'll will be too scary and too long for them, but on the other hand, I didn't let them watch X-Men with us last weekend, and you can't let kids live next door to a drive-in and not let them go to ANY of the movies!!!), I'm going to take Matt on a tour of the old garage and the even older general store, and point out to him all of the antique, unfinished wooden storage units that I want him to move inside for me. 

Namely these--
behind the egregious photo of my stove--toy shelves for the living room and children's bedroom?
MASSIVE dresser with tons of these little drawers that just sit on the shelves--wants to live in my bedroom and hold my pretty things?
feed bin? Super gross right now, but could hold a hell of a lot of fabric all nicely folded and out of sight
display shelves from the general store--maybe these would be better toy/treasure shelves, given the kids' insistence on displaying ALL THE THINGS
And I haven't even been into the attic yet! It requires bringing a ladder in from the garage, which I'm not up for, but the kids and Matt did it once. The kids tell me that there's a fire truck up there, and Matt says that there are Christmas decorations from who knows when. 

I'll check it out when I've got the downstairs sorted...


Tina said...

How awesome is all that stuff!?!

What you need to do is offer a few college kids a little spending money (and/or a free meal) to get them to do all the heavy lifting. Then Matt can be spared and you don't have to wait around!

Can't wait to see those beauties all fixed up and full of toys, books and who knows what else.

cake said...

yer killin' me here. this is like something i could only dream about. you are living it. a general store. on your property. with the shelving intact. wow.

julie said...

It's so dark in there (I used my camera flash) that I didn't even notice that there's WRITING on those cubbies in the general store. I super want to go back in there with a flashlight, but also, as I was taking these photos, I stepped on one particular spot on the floor and I swear I felt the entire building swaying around me. The general store is not so structurally sound these days.


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