Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Comic Book Wallpaper and Felt Wizard Hats and Pumpkin Projects and My Bra

As a testament to how busy we've been over the past couple of weeks, I've been totally forgetting to show off to you what I've been up to with my other writing gig, so here's the catch-up:

My kid and I made her a witch hat out of felt

I'm particularly proud of that last project, since a great-fitting bra is VERY important to me, and also very hard to keep up with during my slow but steady weight loss. This alteration should keep this particular bra working well for a while longer, although I am eventually going to need to buy a bra with a smaller cup size.

Poor Matt is horrified.


Tina said...

Poor Matt indeed. I bet he appreciates the fact that whatever is left up there will be around longer and have more energy :0)

I wish my sports bras were that easy to adjust, but the straps get really wide. Thankfully I still have a bit of room to go before I am at the shortest setting.

Thanks for the fun tutorials!

julie said...

My sports bras do not adjust at all, but fortunately my bustiness requires that they be REALLY confining, so they're actually still good to go!

I do have one sole bra that I wear only when I want to show off my boobs (otherwise, I wear those sports bras everywhere, so much so that people are often shocked when they see how much cleavage I've got when I'm not smooshing it down, ha!), and that's the one that I can adjust the shoulder straps on, AND the one that I'm going to have to replace in another cup size. And they better still make that exact same bra, because I did the whole "bra shopping" thing when I transitioned out of nursing bras, and I NEVER want to deal with that again!


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