Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Wrapped and Dipped

and a look at the presents that I unashamedly wrapped in newspapers and brown paper bags



The girls had a good Christmas, loot-wise. After they went to bed on Christmas Eve, they heard Santa walking on the roof, along with reindeer stamping their feet and the jingling of sleigh bells--this drove Sydney into such a state of sobbing hysterics that she couldn't get to sleep for at least an hour. She wanted to run see her gifts, and she wanted to go meet Santa, and she wanted to double-check that he saw his special reindeer-shaped cookie, and she wanted to make sure that I hadn't eaten the cookie instead of Santa, and she was pretty sure that Santa was going to come back so every noise made her sit up and say, "What's THAT?!?"

That walking on the roof bit has scared the crap out of every kid in the family, which is honestly half the fun (you might have to be from Arkansas to understand that part), but the other half is in listening to the kid tell the story, for the entire coming year, of how on Christmas Eve, They. Heard. SANTA!!!

My cousin may have also wanted to poop in the yard and blame it on a reindeer, but I wouldn't let him.

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