Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tutorial: Sew a Long Skirt for a Little Girl

Because they're sock monkeys.

And because the little girl likes to wear skirts.

I had thought that I was going to save most of this jersey cotton sock monkeys sheet, which probably cost $1.50 max at Goodwill Outlet, for matching pajamas for the littles. But that's a lot of sewing, and I have a lot of other stuff going on, as well, and the littles already have plenty of jammies, and I keep cutting into the sheet to make more baby bags for Barefoot Kids. But it's sock monkeys! I have to make SOMETHING for the girls out of it!

Hell, the little girl likes skirts. Might as well make a skirt:
To make a skirt of your own for a little person that you happen to know, you'll need a goodly bit of jersey cotton. I'm actually pretty stoked that I figured this project out, because several years ago I bought a few jersey cotton sheet sets, just red and grey and blue and whatever, but we don't tend to use the flat sheets in our house, so...yay, future skirts!

Anyway, measure the little person from waistband to anklebone, and add 1.25 inches, and measure her around her waist (make her suck it in, because for some reason my littles always measure wider than they wear), and multiply by 3, then add your seam allowance--1/4", unless you're going to do a french seam or something crazy like that, but you're welcome to.

Take the time to iron your jersey cotton nice and neat, because jersey cotton can stretch and warp something fierce, although a little careful ironing will true it back.

Starting at the bottom hem of the sheet, which will be the bottom hem of the dress--
--measure the length and cut, then measure the width across and cut.

Hem the side of the skirt, so that you're left with a really, REALLY wide tube.

For the waistband of the skirt, I was inspired by the blog post by Lil Blue Boo about HER T-shirt skirt, so that I folded my waistband down 1.25", too, and top-stitched the top edge to make a casing for the elastic, too. Her tute for that is very clear and has more photos--the only big difference is that I don't use interfacing or starch, and so zig-zag or overcast all my stitches when I sew knits. Anyway, her idea makes for a really neat waistband:As always, the outie is optional.

Depending on how snug you want the skirt's waist to be, you can measure your elastic for anywhere from your child's waist measurement (it'll be snug, since you'll be using some of that length to sew the elastic to itself) to your child's waist measurement + 1/2" seam allowance (that sounds like it would be a comfier fit, but remember that your child has no hips--go for snug).

Hook a safety pin to one end of the elastic, thread it through the waist casing, sew it to itself, and sew the casing shut.

Do you have two girls, too? Then go make another one!

Or just go ahead and have that third glass of sangria. The girls are asleep, after all, and there's a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon on TLC.


apple wrangler said...

great idea! ps your daughter has the cutie outie bellybutton in the world!!!

julie said...

Aw, thanks! It actually cracks her up to see the rest of our innie bellybuttons--she's all, "Your bellybutton goes inside! HAHAHAHA!"

Kat said...

This is super cute!!! And mmmm to the sangria! ;)

خياطة وتفصيل said...

thank you so much :)